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The name Nobscot comes from the Algonquin word "Penobscot" meaning "at the fall of rocks" or "step rock place." Early in the seventeenth century eight Nipmuc villages could be seen from the 600 foot summit of Nobscot hill, which served Native Americans not only as a lookout, but also as a place of spiritual significance. Tantamous, a medicine man commonly know as Old Jethro by the colonists, lived on the northwest slope of the mountain with his extended family until the outbreak of King Phillip’s War in 1675.

Nobscot's Café is a locally owned and operated Bar and Restaurant serving fine food and spirits, located at 847 Edgell Road in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Nobscot Spring Bottling Company
In the early 1900s Nobscot Spring bottling company was one of the village's primary business concerns. They obtained the water from a natural spring off Edgell Road, at the foot of Nobscot Mountain. The famed water was distributed in both single serving bottles and large dispensers, and had customers from as far away as New York City and Philadelphia. Long after the company closed, local residents still visited the spring to fill their own water bottles until the site was finally closed for safety reasons.

None other than the famous cookbook author Fanny Farmer had a mention of Nobscot's spring water in one of her books. The text below is from an advertisement in Food and cookery for the sick and convalescent. by Nobscot Neighbors-

Michael Quinn & Paul Handy: Owner/Manager